Get ready for the OSGKC annual fall orchid sale

[The following was provided by Deb Pate and Cindy Hobbs.]

Time for our “Bringing in the Plants and Trying to Fit Them All In” fall orchid sale. Proceeds from donated plants will benefit the society and help finance speakers, vendor visits, and other nifty events.

Where: Our usual meeting place – Broadway United Methodist Church, 406 W.  74th St, KCMO

When: September 26, 2010.  ~ 1:00 p.m. plant delivery (healthy, bug free, *pre-priced if possible)  ~  1:30 – 3:30 p.m. sale  ~  3:30 p.m. pick up of unsold items

*We’ll have $5, $10 and $15 tables but you (or we, if it becomes necessary) may have to amend prices as the sale proceeds. Special plants/circumstances may dictate higher or lower amounts for individual items. Please stick around if you can — shop, chat, query the more experienced growers for tips, snack (I think we’re having treats, as usual), look for bargains as the afternoon goes on, and re-price your donated plants if need be. We got great bargains last year. Let’s do it again!

Flyers will available at our next meeting, Sept. 12, for distribution to workplace bulletin boards, friends and neighbors, etc.


One response to “Get ready for the OSGKC annual fall orchid sale

  1. I will bring a 20ounce bag of TOPSY’S carmel popcorn for the treat room Sunday. (Smile)

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