September 12, 2010 Program: Pleurothallids with Lynn OShaughnessey

[The following was provided by Glenn Lessenden, Vice President for Programs.]

Dracula bella, photograph by Lynn O’Shaughnessey

[THIS PROGRAM HAS BEEN CANCELLED. SEE SEPTEMBER 12’S UPDATED PROGRAM.] Hello everyone. We will have Lynn O’Shaughnessey. in to talk to us for the September meeting. The meeting will be September 12 at the usual place with beginners at 1:00 and the regular meeting at 2:00. Lynn has been active in the Pleurothallid alliance for a long time and has been speaking on various Pleurothallid topics as well. Her topic will be “Culture of Pleurothallids” and she will be able to bring some plants. Check out the website for a listing of species and hybrids she has available. She said nor all of the plants are currently available so inquire as to availability. I don’t know about you but my Pleurothallids have really suffered this summer. Hopefully Lynn can give us tips to get these plants through a midwestern summer.



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