Remembering Fred Bergman and his orchids

(The following are a few of the Phalaenopsis developed by Fred Bergman, whose contributions to orchid growing and to the OSGKC were honored at the Fall 2012 MAOC/OSGKC Show.)

MAOC/OSGKC Fall 2012 – Preview Party 

(Photographs by Judy Harris.)

Sale of Fred Bergman’s Orchids at his greenhouses: September 2011

[Photographs were taken by Sue Spade, an OSGKC friend.]

OSGKC members and friends visited Fred Bergman’s greenhouse for the sale of his orchids.

OSGKC member, Al Clinton, and Pat Bergman at the sale of Fred Bergman’s orchids.

February 11 – 13, 2011: OSGKC Exhibits at the 2011 KC Lawn & Garden Show

Al Clinton and Rick Day Exhibit

Erin Morrison ExhibitTony King and Jason Thoren Exhibit

Mark and Joy Prout Exhibit

Tony King and Jason Thoren Exhibit

Terrence Thompson Art Exhibit

Orchid friends and winners – Doug, Rick and Al

December 12, 2010 – Annual Awards Dinner

Banquet buffet table

Susie Hanna and Al Clinton – 2010 Orchidists of the Year

Jami Parkison – Orchid Digest Diamond Award winner


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