Meeting minutes:

(Minutes are provided by OSGKC secretary, Holly Hall.)

New member present at the meeting was Alex MacDonald

The August speaker is Alan Koch on learning about the habitat of different species.

The treasurer’s report:

  •          Checking account           $23,000
  •          Show fund                    $7,770

July 8tis the picnic at Cindy Hobbs and will start at 2:00 p.m.

The growers tour was June 24 and visited Iva Stribling, Mary Ann Stevenson and Judy Harris’ homes.

Mid America Orchid Congress show in the fall possible ways to get some publicity:

  •          Sponsorship from Hallmark or some other local company
  •          Donated billboards
  •          Banner on the backside of the hotel

Tony and Mary Ann are working on goodies for the welcome bags. It was suggested to talk to the Convention & visitors bureau.

Vendors so far:

  •          Bird’s Botanicals
  •          Orchid Inn
  •          Michaels Orchids
  •          Cal Orchid
  •          Oak Hill

Verbal commitments from:

  • New Vision
  • J&L Lucinda Winn

501 C3 official paperwork is available. Budget will be presented at the July meeting.

Spreadsheet of volunteers with standardized times is set up for people to sign up.

Met with the organizers of the Flower Lawn & Garden show in mid June.

The orchid sale netted OSGKC $32.


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