Sept. 9, 2012 OSGKC Program: Joe Meisel, Ceiba Foundation for Tropical Conservation

[The following was submitted by Susie Hanna, OSGKC Program Co-Chair.]

Sunday September 9, OSGKC’s regular monthly meeting will feature Joe Meisel, from the Ceiba Foundation, speaking about the El Pahuma Orchid Reserve in Ecuador.

This piece of land is a privately-owned forest, about one hour by road from Quito. The reserve protects more than 1500 acres of tropical montane forest lying between 5,300 and 8,600 feet of elevation on the western slope of the Andes. The reserve is protected by a conservation easement held between Ceiba and the Ecuadorian landowner. The easement is the second ever to be implemented in South America. Over 200 species of orchids and 150 species of birds have been identified within the reserve.

Dr. Meisel will be presenting a visual presentation of the amazing flora and fauna found in this area, as well as discussing the Ceiba Foundations efforts to preserve and protect it.

The regular meeting will be held at 2:00 p.m. in the Cafe of the Broadway United Methodist Church, 406 W. 74th Street.


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