OSGKC November 2012 Meeting Features Speaker on Orchid Fragrances

[The following was submitted by Susie Hanna, Co-Chair for OSGKC Programs.]

When we set up the displays at the Hilton Garden Inn for the Mid-America Show recently, I heard many people remarking about the fragrances.  The entire room was a sweet blend of scents. The more we jostled the plants around, the greater the aromatherapy.   At our November 11 meeting, Dr. Harold Hills, will be explaining a few things about the mystery of orchid fragrances. Better known as Hal Hills, he received his PhD from University of Miami.  He is now retired from the University of Massachusetts where he worked in cell biology.  Some of Hal’s publications have been on orchid fragrances and fragrance cycles. His dissertation was titled “Fragrance Analysis in Chemotaxonomy of the Genus Catasetum (Orchidaceae).”  Hal is a member of the AOS, Orchid Disgest, and is an ribbon judge for the two local societies he attends in Massachuesetts and New Hampshire. Continue reading


OSGKC Meeting Minutes: September 9, 2012

(The following was submitted by Holly Hall, OSGKC secretary.)

Today’s program is Joe Meisel, speaking about the orchid reserve in Ecuador.

The following are updates about the MAOC/OSGKC show in October:

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Sept. 9, 2012 OSGKC Program: Joe Meisel, Ceiba Foundation for Tropical Conservation

[The following was submitted by Susie Hanna, OSGKC Program Co-Chair.]

Sunday September 9, OSGKC’s regular monthly meeting will feature Joe Meisel, from the Ceiba Foundation, speaking about the El Pahuma Orchid Reserve in Ecuador. Continue reading

OSGKC Meeting Minutes August 12th, 2012

[The following was provided by Holly Hall, OSGKC Secretary.]

Programs: Today’s speaker is Alan Koch of Gold Country Orchids

September 9 is Joe Meisel speaking about the orchid reserve in Ecuador. Continue reading

Meeting minutes:

(Minutes are provided by OSGKC secretary, Holly Hall.)

New member present at the meeting was Alex MacDonald

The August speaker is Alan Koch on learning about the habitat of different species.

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OSGKC August meeting: Alan Koch speaks on Species Habitat and Hybrid Culture

(The following was submitted by Susie Hanna, OSGKC program co-chair.)

We are pleased to announce that Alan Koch, Gold Country Orchids, Lincoln, CA, will be our speaker for the August 12 meeting. By that time in the Kansas City Summer heat, we will need a pep talk on orchid care. He will be speaking to us about “Species Habitat and Hybrid Culture.”  Some of our members had a chance to hear this program in Wichita at the 2012 Spring SWROGA/AOS show and meeting, and urged us to bring Alan to speak to us on the subject. The talk provides insights into the natural habitat of a wide variety of species. By understanding habitat, we can learn more about how we can grow these species and their hybrids. Continue reading

OSGKC Annual Growers’ Tour, Sunday, June 24

The 2012 OSGKC Annual Growers Tour is Sunday, June 24, so get your sunhats ready, as there will be orchids and other garden plants and flowers to see.

Here’s the schedule for the tour on Sunday: Continue reading