OSGKC May 6, 2012, Meeting – J & L Orchids and Miniature Orchids

[The following was provided by Susie Hanna, OSGKC Program Chair.]

Note that our May meeting is being held on the first Sunday, May 6, due to Mother’s Day on the second Sunday.

We are having an enthusiastic speaker for our May meeting, Lucinda Winn of J & L Orchids, Easton Connecticut. Lucinda and her business partners, Cordelia Head and Marguerite Webb, purchased J & L more than thirty years ago and have run a very well-known and respected orchid business since that time.

Lucinda will be speaking about Miniature Orchids, a specialty for J & L, which also offers a variety of hybrids, species and fragrant orchids. She will be bringing plants for sale, but you may also pre-order and receive a 10% discount. Pre-orders should be made by Wednesday, May 2.

Check out the J& L website for more information about the company and its plants  Be sure to see the section called Terrarium Plants, which includes many small, high humidity orchids suitable for terrariums or frog vivariums.

Hope to see you at the May meeting.


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