OSGKC Annual Holiday and Awards Banquet, Dec. 11

[The following was provided by Susie Hanna, chair of the Holiday Banquet.]

Holiday Greetings to OSGKC members and families,

Please plan to attend our annual Holiday and Awards Banquet on Sunday, Dec. 11, 1:00 p.m. at the Broadway United Methodist Church. The club will provide ham and turkey, coffee, tea, and soft drinks.  Please bring your favorite holiday dishes to make a bountiful spread.

We also need some festive centerpieces for the round tables where we will be dining. So if you have some extra decorations, please come a little early to help set the stage.

So far, here’s who’s signed up with holiday dishes. If you plan to attend, please email me with the dish you’d like to bring, along with the number of people so we can get an idea of how much ham and turkey to prepare.

OSGKC Annual Holiday and Awards Banquet

Joanne Curtin: appetizer
Jami Parkison: Cheese dip and chips
Sue Spade: Sweet and sour meatballs

Sides (potatoes, vegetables, salads, fruits, stuffing:
Stella Gordanier: Jello mousse
Cindy Lessenden: Broccoli slaw
Iva Stribling: Green salad
Cindy Hobbs: Cheesy potatoes
Rick Day: Green bean casserole
Mike Wheeler: Cooked carrot salad
Lori Walters: Corn casserole
Susie Hanna: Spinach cranberry salad

Harold Bayse, Sweet rolls
Mike Van Duine: Rolls

Stella Gordanier: Triple chocolate cake
Mike Wheeler: Carrot cake
[Who signed up for this?] : Sugar Free Pumpkin cake
Brian Donovan: Baklava
Sue Spade: Lemon cake

Drinks: (We need some volunteers here. OSGKC will provide coffee, tea, and soft drinks, but sign up to bring something festive)

Happy Cooking!
Susie Hanna


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