OSGKC Meeting Minutes, November 13, 2011

New Members present at the meeting were:  Linda Sample, Sue Spade, Mike Teresa and Barb VanDuine.  Kathy Morgan was a guest.

The Treasurer’s Report:

  • Show Fund                  $7,770.15
  • Checking                       3,750.63
  • Savings                        20,456.16
  • Total                           31,976.94

The $1,000 donation to AOS for the Savannah project has been made.

The officers were elected for the nest year:

  • Glenn Lessenden – President
  • Mary Ann Stevenson – Vice President
  • Cindy Hobbs – Treasurer
  • Holly Hall – Secretary
  • Tony King & Brian Donovan  – At Large

The Fred Bergman Award  will be the annual award given at the Christmas banquet, and it would be a certificate.  There will also be a best in show trophy for a OSGKC member with a plant in the February show.

The December banquet will be the 11 with a $5 per person charge.  The turkey and ham will be provided by the society and everyone that comes is asked to bring a side dish.  It will be at 1:00 p.m.

A blanket consent form will be available for any of Fred’s crosses that haven’t been registered yet.  To register a plant one needs consent from the surviving spouse.  Along with the pertinent information on the plant.

Mary Ann would like assistance on producing the yearbook.  Someone that would be interested in learning how it is done, so in the future they could do it.


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