AOS Board of Trustees’ approves sale of AOS National headquarters

[The following was provided by Lynn Fuller, Chair of the AOS Affiliated Societies Committee.]

At the Trustees’ Meeting in San Antonio last month, it was announced that the sale of headquarters of the American Orchid Society was approved and closing on the sale will be the end of November 2011. The Sandra C. Slomin Foundation and Family Center for Autism and Related Disabilities is purchasing the site to use as a day care facility and eventually a private elementary school to serve children with autism and related disabilities. The Board of Trustees also approved the process to enter into negotiations for a strategic partnership with Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens in Coral Gables, Florida. The move, if an acceptable partnership is approved, should be completed by the end of the first quarter 2012.

The Trustees also approved the Library Committee’s report which gave the Committee the direction to thoroughly inventory the extensive art collection, rare books and manuscripts and archives of the American Orchid Society in anticipation of its headquarter change. The Library Committee has the authority to determine which items will remain property of AOS and the disposition of those items that will not be retained. If any member wishes to inquire about a specific item’s disposition, they may contact the Library Committee through their email.

What’s new at AOS

The 2012 Calendars are available for sale – a 14 month calendar loaded with beautiful orchid photographs, free shipping for AOS members. You may purchase it on line.

Do you enjoy writing?  The Dillon-Peterson Essay Contest has been announced.  The topic is: The Greatest Influence On My Orchid Passion. It’s your opportunity to tell the world what person, place, event, book, magazine article, orchid or thing changed your orchid growing hobby forever. The deadline is November 30.  The website has the rules and regulations as well as past winners.

Call for Nominations.  If you have ever had any interest in ‘getting involved’ with the AOS, or know of a shining star to recommend for consideration of the Nominating Committee, this is your opportunity. You may send an email to the nominating committee.


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