2012 OSGKC Program Schedule

[The following was submitted by Susie Hanna.]

January 8:  Hawaiian Island Get-Away at David Bird’s Cave

February 5: Lawn and Garden Show Planning and “Preparing Plants for Display”

March 11: Dr. Ken Cameron, “Vanilla Orchids: Natural History and Cultivation,” a botanical journey accompanied by vanilla ice cream!

April 8: OSGKC Auction

May 6: Lucinda Winn, J & L Orchids, “Miniature Orchids”

June 9: BBQ/Potluck at the Lessendens with Fred Clarke speaking on topic to be announced

June 10: Fred Clarke, “Cycnoches, Mormodes and Catasetums, Recent Trends”

June 24: Growers’ Tour

July 8: Picnic

August 12: Martin Motes, Compact Vandaceous Orchids

Sept 9: Joe Meisel, Ceiba Foundation for Tropical Conservation, “El Pahuma Orchid Reserve” and the orchids and birds of Ecuador

Oct 14: Mid-America Planning Meeting

Nov. 11: TBA

Dec. 9: Holiday Party


One response to “2012 OSGKC Program Schedule

  1. Hello. I would like to talk with someone from OSGKC about next year’s Orchid Weekend at Powell Gardens. Would you email me the appropriate contact information? Thank you so much!

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