Dick Wells of Hilltop Orchids is OSGKC’s Nov. 13, 2011, program speaker

[The following was sent by Glenn Lessenden, OSGKC’s Program Chair.]

Greetings everyone. Our speaker for the Nov. 13 will be Dick Wells. The venue will be as usual, Broadway United Methodist Church at 74th and Wornall Rd in Kansas City, MO, with beginners meeting at 1:00 p.m. and the business meeting at 2:00.  

Dick is the proprietor of Hilltop Orchids of Indiana and will be bringing plants for sale. There are a couple of things of note: Dick will give a 10% discount on all preorders and would like anyone interested to call his cell phone (765-721-2200)  with those orders. Also, Dick has several Phrag. kovachii crosses that he will be bringing. The normal price of these is $60 but he will discount the plants to us for $50. Be sure to visit his website to check out his plant listings.

Dick’s topic for the program will be Phragmapedium culture. Don’t be afraid to order the kocachii seedlings. I’m sure we will all learn enough from the program to be successful with them.



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