OSGKC Oct. 9, 2011 meeting: Steve Marak presents “And there was light”

[The following was submitted by Doug Martin, OSGKC member.]

Steve began growing orchids almost 35 years ago when, after reading Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe books, he bought a Phalaenopsis hybrid. That plant is still alive, though he has killed many other orchids since then. He quickly developed a love of species and especially of orchids with attractive foliage.

Two years ago Steve won The Gordon W. Dillon\Richard C. Peterson Memorial Essay Prize for his essay about those plants, “I Sing the Foliage Electric!”, which was published in Orchids magazine. He and his wife Cathy grow a mixed collection.  in Springdale, Arkansas where they live with a variety of cats. Professionally Steve works in software development and information security.

Tom Larkin has Steve’s talk the called the best he’s ever heard on the subject.  Steve and Cathy are members of OSGKC.

We will be taking Steve and Cathy to Jack Stack Saturday night at 7:00.  Let me know by Friday if you’d like to join us: Doug Martin, bethdougm@kc.rr.com, 913-248-8669.


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