OSGKC October 2011 meeting and sale

[The following was provided by Cindy Hobbs.]

The October 9, 2011 meeting is our fall plant sale.  As you are preparing your plants to bring them inside for the winter, pick out a few that you would like to share with fellow members.  This is a great time for our newer members to try a variety they have not yet tried before.
It will be held in the basement of the church from 1-2 p.m. before the meeting. 
Proceeds go 100% to the society.  Anyone wishing to donate plants to sell, please make sure they are bug-free and in healthy condition.  They should be pre-priced OR I can arrange to help place them on our $2, $5, $7 etc. tables for you.
A picture of the plant is very helpful.  I even usually try to add notes on the growing conditions it likes and its bloom history.  Clean out your plant area and help the society.
Please have the plants at the church between 12:30 and 1.  Any plants that don’t sell should be taken home by the individual who brought them.  Thank you, Cindy

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