OSGKC Meeting Minutes, Sept. 11, 2011

[The following was submitted by Holly Hall, OSGKC secretary.]

A collection was taken in memory of Fred Bergman and will be given to American Orchid Society (AOS), unless Pat Bergman specifies otherwise.

Jo Anne Curtians is a new member of the society.

Cindy Hobbs gave a treasurer’s report. The society has the following:

  • $4640.41 – checking account
  • $7,768.85 – show account
  • $19,013.06 –regular savings account
  • $31,422.32 – Grand total

The AOS fall meeting is in San Antonio, October 26 -30.

The fall Mid America Orchid Congress (MAOC) was September 16  – 18.

MAOC meeting and show next fall:  Mark & Joy Prout are the co-chairs. Cindy Hobbs is the financial officer. We are in the process of finalizing a contract with the Hilton Garden Inn in Independence for the last weekend in October 2012. They are excited to have us back. Monica and Jim agreed to do plant registration. Layla is going to help with the website. There are many volunteer positions that will need to be filled. 

February show with the Flower Lawn & Garden show is the 10 -12.  Dick Wells with Hilltop Orchids and David Bird are two vendors that are committed to it so far. 

A donation of $1,000 to the Nature Conservancy for the Green Swamp was approved. It will be sent to the AOS, and they will distribute the funds. 

Native Orchid conference would like to set up a scholarship of $1,000 for a young person studying orchids.

Paul, Jami and Rick are the nominating committee for the society’s officer slate.

There will be a sale of the last of Fred’s plants at David Bird’s cave September 25, and the money will be given to Pat.

Plans are being made to get Fred’s slides and put them on a CD.

The annual fall plant sale will be before the October meeting on 9th, it will start about 1:00 p.m.


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