OSGKC Meeting Minutes, August 14, 2011

[The following was submitted by Holly Hall, OSGKC Secretary.]

New members present at the meeting: Maureen Hirther & Linda

Linda Samples & Jessica were guests at the meeting.

Beth asked that the last minutes get emailed to her.

Mark renewed our membership in AOS.  So they will judge our show.

AOS has sold their building.

Brian Donovan is our Mid America representative.

The Mid America meeting is September 17 and 18 in Milwaukee.

September speaker is Ernie Gemeinhart on growing orchids hydroponically.

Show in February with the Flower Lawn & Garden show.

Yearbooks are done members need to pick them up.

Donations committee recommends a donation to the Green Swamp in NC.

The Nature Conservancy is working on restoration of the swamp.  It is home to several orchid species. There is an article on the Green Swamp and the restoration efforts in the August issue of Orchids.

If we are to host the Mid America Congress next fall, we need to name a Chairperson and a treasury chair. If you are interested or know someone who would be good for these positions let one of the board members know.


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