“Tips on growing Phalaenopsis,” from lecture by Peter Lin, Big Leaf Orchids, at OSGKC’s August 14 meeting

[Thanks to Susie Hanna, who took these great notes during the meeting.]

A healthy plant starts with strong roots.

Low light or bright, indirect light.

Good air movement.

Humidity of 60 5o 70% is ideal.

Don’t overwater.  Use a potting mix that will be dry within a week.

Fertilize plants only when there are green root tips or new leaf growth. 

When potting, use sphagnum moss that’s been soaked in water for at least eight hours.  Squeeze the water out of the moss before using.

Mix bark in with the moss for faster drying time.

Place Styrofoam at bottom of the pot for drainage.

Use clear plastic pots so you can see the roots, and also see when the plant needs water.

After repotting, transition plants:

Keep them in lower light and don’t water for 7-10 days, only mist lightly as needed.  Roots broken in the repotting process are subject to bacteria and shouldn’t be kept moist.

Moss should not be touching the base or crown of the plant as this can cause rot.

It’s ok to mist and water lightly in cool or overcast weather. Don’t pour water through the moss and soak it down.

In cool, dry winter conditions, wet moss can cause a cooling effect from evaporation, making the plant too cold.

Ideal temperature for Phalaenopsis is 65 to 78 degrees.  In the winter, you can use a heat mat under plants to compensate for cooler air temperature.

For species Phals….
Constant temperatures.  Temperature should not fluctuate more than 10 degrees between night and day. 

Faster wet/dry cycle is important. Species need more air around their roots, and so the media needs to dry faster.  Consider mounting them if you have a greenhouse, but mounted plants need good humidity.

When mounting, place crown at a 45 degree angle so that water doesn’t accumulate at the center of the plant and cause rotting.


One response to ““Tips on growing Phalaenopsis,” from lecture by Peter Lin, Big Leaf Orchids, at OSGKC’s August 14 meeting

  1. Thanks for the thorough note-taking, Susie. Even though I took a lot of notes, I still missed some important points. Now I feel like I have everything Peter Lin said.
    Lori Walters

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