OSGKC monthly meeting minutes – June 12, 2011

[The following was submitted by Holly Hall, OSGKC Secretary.]

New members present at the meeting:  Barbara & Sue

JoAnne was a guest at the meeting.

Cindy gave the Treasurer’s report:
Checking account has  $13,577.14
Savings account has $16,809.72
For a total of $30,386.86

June 26th will be the growers tour in Lawrence.  It will start at Brian Donovan’s house and progress to Al Clinton & Susie Hanna’s.  There is the added benefit of enjoying all the day lilies too.

July program will be the picnic at Cindy’s house.  Bring your blooming plants to share.

Each will provide a side dish, the society will provide the meat.

The next Mid America meeting is in Milwaukee September 16th – 18th.    The featured speakers are Dr. Leonid Averyanov speaking on Vietnamese Paphiopedilums and Dr. Joe Meisel speaking on Orchid conservation in Ecuador.

The directory needs to be completed.

There was a discussion on the budget.  Consideration for donations to appropriate groups due to the amount the society has in savings.

There was also discussion on hosting another Mid America Orchid Congress meeting either in the spring of 2012 with our show at the Flower Lawn & Garden show or in the fall of either 2012 or 2013.    There are many considerations involved.  The cost, the amount of work for members, being able to get vendors to come in a second time in 6 months, the logistics involved in making it work.  The society voted for doing it in the fall at the Hilton Garden Inn. They felt they would be able to do a better job that way instead of with the spring show.


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