May 1, 2011, OSGKC Program: Patricia Harding speaks on Huntleyas

[The following was provided by Glenn Lessenden, OSGKC Program Chair.]

Huntleya wallisii. The photo is from the Woon Leng Nursery in Singapore.

Hello everyone. Remember that our May meeting will be a departure from the normal schedule in that we are meeting on the first Sunday of the month, May 1. Beginners will start at 1:00 and the business meeting at 2:00 with a program by Patricia Harding at 3:00 on growing Huntleyas. Patricia has a long history in the orchid world as you can see from her interesting bio. — Glenn

Patricia Harding

Patricia Harding writes that, since retiring as a physician, she now focuses on orchids, as a traveler, observer, photographer, and writer, with a little orchid growing on the side. When she’s not traveling she lives in Oregon.

On May 1, at the OSGKC regular meeting, Patricia will give a presentation on “Huntleya, Pescatorea Kefersteinia and their relatives.” The program, which is the subject of her recent book, will review the groups and provide information on how to tell them apart.

Patricia’s orchid judging includes

  • AOS accredited Judge, April 2005,
  • WOC  judging; Malaysia 2002, Miami 2008,
  • D.O.G. judging:  Dresden, Stuttgart Sept 2005, Dresden 2009,
  • Brasil: Sao Bernardo Nov. 2004, Sao Paulo Sept. 2005, Rio Claro June 2007(CAOB), and
  • Colombia: Pereira 2007, Medellín 2008 (CCO)

 In addition to her work as a judge, Patricia has served in several AOS position: Research Committee, 2002; Species Identification Task Force-2008; and AQ proofreader 2006- intermittent.

She is the author of Huntleyas and Their Relatives, Timber Press, Portland, Oregon (2008). Along with Carl Withner, she also wrote The Cattleyas and Their Relatives: The Debatable Epidendrums, Timber Press, Portland, Oregon, (2004).

She received her B.A. in Botany from Oregon State University and her M.D. from Oregon Health Sciences University. From 1985 to 1998, when she retired, Patricia had a Family Practice in Lebanon, Oregon.


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