2011 OSGKC Annual Spring Auction

Please remember to attend our annual fundraiser the SPRING ORCHID AUCTION, this Sunday April 10 from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Check out the website or blog to see the many great orchids, many in bud or bloom, donated by fabulous orchid vendors. All registered bidders will be placed in a drawing to win a fabulous blooming orchid at the end of the auction (must be present to win). Each member’s attendance is important to the success of this event. Please take personal responsibility to let friends, family, coworkers, neighbors , etc. know about the auction. Send them an email or social network invitation so we can have an awesome turnout!

Members can still make donations of healthy plants and orchid-related items. It would be helpful if you can send me an email in advance with some basic info so I can plan accordingly. Members should bring donated plants between 1 to 1:20 pm for setup and viewing.

Thanks so much and see you and your friends on Sunday.  Monica McNamara, Chair of 2011 OSGKC Annual Spring Auction

Current list of orchids available for sale at auction:

From Orchid Inn Ltd
2 Paph delenatii X sib (Pink Butterfly X Round and Round)   ONE IN BLOOM & ONE IN BUD
Paph Wossner Butterfly   (malipoense  ‘Green Giant’ X vietnamense ‘Pink Giant’)  IN BUD

From Michel Orchid Nursery
Odcm Tiger Crow   IN BLOOM

From Natt’s Orchids    
Onc Space Row  IN BLOOM

From Iowa Orchids  
Onc Mackenzie Mountain ‘Jan’s Gem’ HCC/AOS  2 spikes with one IN BLOOM & one IN BUD

From Fantasy Orchids  
Paph fairrieanum ‘Great Giant’ X Paph Hilo Jewel  IN BUD

From Windy Hill
Phrag. Jason Fischer (in bud)
Den. Thomas Warne (buds opening)
Den. Judith Nakayama (in bud)
Epc. Lime Sherbet x B. Little Stars (in bud)
Tolumnia Marilyn Ledoux (in bloom)
Prosthecea Green Hornet (in bud)
Epi. Sun Valley (in bud)
Phaius tankervilleae ‘Rabin’s Raven’ AM/AOS (in bloom)
Phaiocalanthe Kryptonite ‘Chariots of Fire’ HCC/AOS (flowering division)
Eria hyacinthoides ‘Windy Hill’s Snowstorm’ CCM/AOS (division)
Paph. glaucophyllum var. album

From OSGKC members
2 Ludisia discolor
2 Phal. Gold tris
2 Onc. Gower Ramsey (one in spike)
1 Phal ludeanniana
1 Epi. Floribundum
1 Epi. Mabel Kanda
C. Drumbeat ‘Heritage’ HCC/AOS – blooming size
Blc. Mem. Al-Na – Blooming size, a big catt from Bird’s — yellow w/ red lip
Neofinetia falcata – blooming size (three growths)
2 Cym. ‘Nonna’ planted last year should bloom this coming winter, large plants pale yellow flowers.
1 Stanhopea “Wardii” , large Mother plant blooms in July, flowers are the color of a ripe banana
Degarmoara Yamada, bloom size


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