2011 Springfield Show: OSGKC exhibited plants and award winners

Tony King & Jason Thoren

  • Den. Speciosum var. compactum (white)
  • Oncidium cebolieta (blue)
  • Laelia purpurata (blue)

Doug & Beth Martin

  • Masd. Shinichi Komoda
  • Masd. Walnut Valley (red)
  • Gongora fulva

Kelly Holt

  • Psh. Green Hornet (blue)

Julie Morrison

  • Paph. delenatii
  • Paph. Lynleigh in Pink (blue)

Dan Schlozman

  • Paph. Song of Love (blue and pulled for AOS judging)

Iva Stribling

  • Gongora quinquinervis (red)
  • Epc. Rene Marques ‘Flame Thrower’ HCC/AOS
  • Odcdm. Wildcat ‘Bobcat’ AM/AOS

Alex McConnell

  • Paph Norito Hasegawa (blue and Best of Class)
  • Paph. Macabre x (Sandhill x Amanda’s Legacy)
  • Paph. River Gorge ‘Columbia’ (white)
  • Lcn. Highland Treat ‘Sunset Valley Orchids’ AM/AOS
  • Rth. Pure Love (red)

David Bird

  • Phal. Tzu Chiang Star
  • Epy. Serena O’Neill (white)

Glenn Lessenden

  • Ros. Rawdon Jester (blue)

Paul Kreutzer

  • Epi (unknown) ‘Red Glow’ (red)

Mark & Joy Prout

  • Epi Stamfordianum ‘Mark’s Joy’ – Class 10/Epidendrum species (blue, Best of Class and pulled for AOS judging)
  • Epi Stamfordianum ‘Mark’s Joy’ – Class 102/Specimen (Red)

Brian Donovan

  • Paph Hsinying Majakun (blue)
  • Phal Nobby’s Amy (blue)

Jami Parkison

  • Phal. Nobby’s Amy (red)

OSGKC Exhibit (blue and Best of Class)


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