OSGKC 2011 Spring Orchid Auction

[The following was provided by Monica McNamara, chair of the 2011 Spring Auction.]

Please consider donating your healthy and pest-free orchids for our Spring Auction from 1 to 4:30 on Sunday, April 10. This is the primary fundraiser for OSGKC and remember that your donations may be tax-deductable as we area 501(c)(3) organization. Receipts will be provided on auction day during the plant check-in.

Blooming plants are preferred. For non-blooming plants a picture of the actual flower or representative flower (or at the very least a brief written description of the bloom) is highly recommended.

Anyone interested in donating plants or other orchid-related items is asked to email the following to mmorchids@everestkc.net as soon as possible:

  • The total number of plants
  • Names of the plants to be donated (the list will be posted on our Website)

A breakdown of:

  • blooming plants for auction
  • non-blooming plants for auction
  • non-blooming plants for the $5 & $10 sale tables
  • description of orchid-related items 

Please make plans to attend our auction and bring at least one friend to assure the success of our event!

We are also still looking for volunteers to help with the auction. Please let me know if you are interested.

Questions? Email contact Monica McNamara or call 913/851-8709.


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