UPDATE: September 12, 2010 Program – “The True Encyclias” by Erich Michel

[The followoing is provided by Glenn Lessenden, Vice President for Programs.]

Hello everyone. I just received a call from Lynn O’Shaughnessey, our scheduled speaker for Sunday’s program. She will be unable to make the meeting due to injury and had to cancel. After burning up some phone minutes, I think we’ve lucked out in that Erich Michel of Michel Orchid Nursery was available on short notice to give a talk at Sunday’s meeting. The talk is “The True Encyclias” and Erich will be bringing plants for sale. Erich has another engagement Saturday, which will preclude him from getting here in time for us to take him to dinner, but he will be staying after the Sunday meeting for a beer and a sandwich at the 75th Street brewery.. For those of you who are looking for a particular plant, Erich has an extensive species collection with a lot of things available that are not on the website. Feel free to e-mail him with any requests. I don’t have his web address with me but I think it’s Michaelorchidnursery.com. If that fails, a google search will get you there. See you Sunday.



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