OSGKC Meeting Minutes August 8th, 2010

[The following was provided by Holly Hall, OSGKC Secretary.]

The society decided to negotiate the use of the PA system and digital projector from the church instead of buying our own.  It will add an extra $25 to our rent each month.

The speaker for next month’s meeting is Lynn O’Shaunessy.

We will be participating at the Lawn & Garden Show next year, the dates are February 10th-13th.  They have taken care of the concrete sealer and agreed to help with publicity. They want us to do a better job cleaning up. 

We will be putting an exhibit in the Wichita show which is the  5th–7th of  November.

It is put on at the Botanical Gardens which is a great venue for a show.

The next Mid America is in Louisville and it is the end of September the 24th-26th.

The Mid America website lists the hotel and the speakers.  The Kentucky Orchid society is doing a show at the same time.  The Friday dinner is at the culinary school.

The AOS is selling the building and gardens.  Due to the nature of the building and the location it will take a while for the sale. 

Mark Prout is looking into buying a pallet of kiwi bark mix that doesn’t break down as fast.  It would not need to be repotted for around 4 years.  

Fall Plant sale: Deb Pate will get it organized.  Last weekend in September or first weekend in October.  Alternative venues:  Loose Park, Shawnee City market. The church is an option.


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