American Orchid Society – A members’ survey request

The Affiliated Society Committee and the Membership Committee will collate the replies and evaluate the comments. Obviously, this will take some time as we expect many responses. However, when action is eventually taken as a result of this survey, you will be informed so that the information can be shared with your society’s membership.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Lynn Fuller, Chair
Affiliated Society Committee

Barbara Noe, Chair
Membership Committee

This correspondence is being sent to Affiliated Society and Society Newsletter Editors whose email addresses we have on file. It is also being sent to the Judging Center Chairs. Should you receive this email multiples times, accept our apologies.  You must wear many AOS hats and for that we are thankful.

It may be forwarded to your members through your newsletter or other communication and may be returned directly by email to, if that is more convenient to any of your members.

The letter may also be found on the AOS website at:

If you are having difficulties with opening Chris’s letter from the link above contact and a copy will be sent to you individually..


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