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AOS Corner

[The following is provided by Susan Taylor, Orchids editor.]

If you are not an American Orchid Society member you may not have heard about a terrific opportunity to own a brand new, award quality Phalaenopsis and support us at the same time.

For every donation of $125 to unrestricted funds ($100 tax deductable), Norman’s Orchids, thanks to the generosity of our past president Carlos Fighetti, will send you a flowering size – they’re summer bloomers so many of them are actually now in-spike – limited-edition stem prop of Phalaenopsis Tying Shin Cupid ‘Maria Teresa’. This incredibly floriferous plant readily produces basal keikis but its crowning glory is its compact branching flower spikes displaying multitudes of 2-inch (5-cm) golden yellow flowers heavily overlaid centrally with a rich deep rose to produce flowers that appear to almost glow. These stem props are available through no other source. To read more about this great plant and how to get one see our Web site.

Another exciting development is our plan to produce a special 13th issue of Orchids magazine this year. It is not often that we receive magazine content that is of such high quality that we wish we could devote a whole issue to it but it does happen once in a great while. We have a rather long, excellent article that will not fit in a regular magazine and will not serialize well and we truly think it will make a great addition to this volume of Orchids. To underwrite this effort, the trustees recently approved the establishment of a temporarily restricted fund; The AOS Color /Special Issue Fund. We’ve set up an easy Paypal route to make donations to the fund and I’m happy to say that in the first month we’ve raised more than $2,000 mostly from $2 and $4 donations. To read more about this fundraising effort or make a small donation see our Web site.

Susan Taylor

Orchids Editor, BellaOnline – Loans That Change Lives


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