June 13, 2010 – Leo Schordje, program speaker

[The following is provided by Glenn Lessenden, OSGKC Program Chairperson.]

Leo Schordje (photo from Madison Orchid Growers' Guild)

Leo Schordje will be speaking on “Lycaste, the Beautiful Sister of Helen of Troy,” a brief survey of the species and hybrids, most of the talk will discus cultivation.

Schordje is an under-lights grower, who comes from the far north suburbs of Chicago. His collection is about half Paphs and Phrags, and the rest is a mix of everything else. Lycaste has long been an interest of Schordje, and this talk came out of a speaker cancelling on the Columbus, OH orchid society. He looked around and realized he had been growing some of his Lycaste plants for more than 20 years.

The talk will be informal and questions are encouraged. Schordje will bring Lycaste and other plants for sale. His Web site has information about the plants that he raised for sale. 

Schordje started growing orchids when still in high school. He began public speaking in 1992, and usually gives four talks a year. Schordje has given talks orchid societies from Washington DC to Anchorage, Alaska. Due to health problems related to arthritis, he curtailed his speaking schedule. His talk at the OSGKC on June 13 will be his first twoyears. Schordje would like to thank his nephews who helped him coming to OSKG.

[OSGKC – June 13, 2010 meeting at 2 p.m., 74th & Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO.]


One response to “June 13, 2010 – Leo Schordje, program speaker

  1. Once again, another great topic. Thank you, Glenn!

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