Annual Auction – Additional donated orchids

Laelia mantiqueirae

Several more orchids have been added to “to be auctioned” list. Click on “keep reading” for the orchids’ names. Visit the Photos page for images of the donated orchids. (Be sure to return to the blog from time to time because more donated orchids and their photos will be added as they are available.)

  • Signatostali radicana
  • Laelia mantiquiera
  • Pleurothallis marthae ‘Bryon’
  • Sedirea japonica (in bloom) from Michel Orchid Nursery
  • Blc. Chia Lin ‘Shinsu #1’ AM/AOS from Natt’s Orchids
  • Maxillaria tenufolia (in bloom-red flowers with coconut fragrance) from Fantasy Orchids Inc.
  • Paph adductum ‘Dark Cloud’ X gigantifolum ‘Dark Warrior’ from Orchid Inn, Inc.
  • Pleurothallis restrepiodes ‘Dragonstone’ CBR/AOS (2 available) from Prairie Orchids
  • Cattleya lueddemanniana from Ecuagenera Co. Ltda.
  • Phrag Peruflora’s Cirila Alca (kovachii X d’alessandroi) from Fox Valley Orchid, Ltd.\
  • Cymbidium Showgirl “Lily Langtry”, B/CSA (1)
  • Cirrhopetalum curtissi (1)
  • Onc. Gower Ramsey (2)
  • Den. Betty Nakada (1)
  • Den. David Copperfield “Daisy” x Hawaiian Heart “Pele’s Flame” (1)
  • Phal. Gold Tris (1)
  • Arpophyllum giganteum
  • Bulbophyllum Crownpoint (rothschildianum x frostii)
  • Bulbophyllum lobbii’Kathy’s Gold’ AM/AOS
  • Blc. (B. perrinii x Lc. Trick or Treat)
  • Phragmipedium longifolium ‘Woodstream’ AM/AOS
  • Phaius tankervillei ‘Rabin’s Raven’ AM/AOS
  • Paphiopedilum Vera Pellechia (stonei x St. Swithin)
  • Phal. (Tying Shin Cupidx Caribbean Sunset) … fragrant

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